Adidas Dragon Review

The Adidas Dragon features the classic three-stripe pattern synonymous with the company. First introduced in 1949, the three-stripe design has since become a staple in popular culture. Now available in two colors, the Adidas Dragon will make any man or woman look stylish and cool. If you’re looking for a new pair of sneakers, the Adidas Dragon may be the shoe for you.

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The Adidas Dragon OG is an affordable running shoe with an excellent balance between style and comfort. It is made from synthetic leather and mesh lining and features OrthoLite(r) sock liners. Aside from being very comfortable, the shoe is also surprisingly reasonably priced and offers customizable options such as a team badge and flag. Despite being inexpensive, one drawback of this running shoe is that it’s sole makes a lot of noise on tile floors, so if you plan to run on tile floors, you’ll want to wear them cautiously.

The Adidas Dragon is one of the most overlooked classics from the Adidas line. While other Adidas models, such as the Superstar, have a thicker sole and a heavy upper, the Dragon is much lighter and more comfortable. Its smooth leather and canvas uppers also provide comfort that rivals massive running shoes.

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If you are looking for a good hiking shoe, you may want to look at the Adidas Dragon 925. This classic walking shoe has a lightweight upper and a flat, supportive sole. It is also available in a variety of colors. Although not the most supportive in terms of cushioning, the Dragon has been praised by users for its comfort.

The Dragon is an excellent option for people with wide feet and low arches. It is made from synthetic leather and has mesh lining. It is also comfortable and reasonably priced. The only downside of this shoe is its noisy sole, which can be an issue on tile floors. However, breaking in the Dragon’s sole can improve the comfort level.

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Available in two colors

The Adidas Dragon is a classic retro running shoe. This low-cost shoe has a high fun factor and is available in many colors. The flat sole and smooth leather or canvas upper make this style comfortable to wear. Though not the most supportive shoe in cushioning, the Adidas Dragon is lightweight and can easily be paired with many different types of casual clothing.

The Dragon comes in a breathable mesh upper complemented with premium suede-look overlays. The midsole and outsole are made of EVA wedges. The Dragon also features a gold-foil stamp and serrated 3-Stripes.


Designed for running in a classic style, the Adidas Dragon lightweight Running shoe features a suede and mesh upper with an EVA wedge midsole for optimal support and durability. This model also features photographic lighting sources to ensure the best possible look. The Adidas Dragon is a stylish, low-profile shoe that will be a great addition to your wardrobe.

Initially released in 1971, the Adidas Dragon is a retro-style shoe that has retained its iconic status. It comes in various colors and is an excellent choice for casual wear. While it may not be the most supportive shoe in cushioning, the Dragon is highly wearable and a top-shelf sneaker with well-established street cred. This model is the perfect example of Adidas sticking to its roots and rediscovering classic designs.

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The Adidas Dragon is a sporty, comfortable shoe that can be worn with most outfits. It features synthetic leather, a mesh upper, and an OrthoLite(r) sockliner for superior comfort. The Dragon also offers excellent value for the price. While it’s not the most expensive shoe on the market, the price makes it worth considering. A few of its drawbacks include a slightly uneven heel and dead space below the heel.

The Dragon is lightweight compared to other Adidas shoes, such as the Adidas Superstar. Its flat, sporty sole and smooth leather or canvas upper provide comfort without weighing down your feet. It is also breathable, making it an excellent choice for hot and humid weather.

Adi founded Adidas Dragon in 1949

The Adidas Dragon is a classic, but it’s often overlooked today. Its lightweight design is reminiscent of a casual day-to-day shoe. Unlike the massive sports shoes of the era, the Dragon has a flat, smooth sole and canvas or leather upper. The swoosh on the upper adds a classic touch, and its name was chosen to honor its creator.

The original Dragon was introduced to the public in 1971. It was developed in Germany for the tartan track but initially targeted the American market. It was one of the first running shoes made of nylon, but the toe of the shoes lacked the now-iconic T-overlay. Later, the shoe was updated with a rubber bumper.

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It was the brand’s first running shoe.

The Adidas Dragon is a well-known running shoe, but it was also difficult to pin down when it was first released. The design combines street and track styles. The shoe is sleek, flat, sporty, lightweight, and durable. It’s an excellent choice for runners who want to maintain their street cred while focusing on their performance.

Adidas is a German sportswear company founded in 1949 by Adolf Dassler. While its roots are in track and football, the brand has expanded into all types of athletic footwear. Its iconic Dragon and ZX 500 shoes are among its best-known models.

Reggae artists adopted it.

The Adidas Dragon gained fame in the new millennium and has since been embraced by reggae artists and representatives of the rock ‘n’ roll culture of the 1970s. The Dragon is considered a cultural icon and was the forerunner of the ZX series of shoes. Although no longer sold in stores, the Dragon is still available for collectors to purchase.

In the early 70s, Adidas released the original Dragon running shoe. The Dragon featured a suede or canvas mesh upper with the Adidas box logo on the front. Later, the dragon aesthetic was echoed across Adida’s global releases. In 1982, Adidas also released a version that featured a lady dragon.

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It is no longer available for purchase.

The Adidas Dragon is one of the most iconic running shoes from the early 1970s, and it is no wonder it has gained popularity again in the 21st century. First created for the tartan track in Germany, the Dragon eventually made its way to the American market. The Dragon was the first running shoe made entirely of nylon, and the original version didn’t feature the now-iconic T-overlay on the toe. Instead, the upper lining was made of thicker material to provide more cushioning.

In 1949, Adi and his business partner, Rudolf, rekindled the company, employing 47 people, and naming it after himself. The company officially launched 49 years after Adi started making shoes. The Dragon sneaker was the company’s first release, and it’s hard to imagine a more iconic piece of footwear.

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Adidas Dragon Review
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