Nike MDS 002 Mercurial Football Shoe

The ‘Dream Speed Mercurial series, which replaces the CR7 signature series, focuses on a larger group of legendary speed players. The boots’ design features a green hue, which many people associate with calmness. The plan also emphasizes an undistracted aura linked to positive decision-making.

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‘Dream Speed’ Mercurial series replaces the CR7 signature series.

The ‘Dream Speed’ Mercurials have been designed for the next generation of players. Designed to be lightweight and durable, the shoes feature new features, including the Aerotrak II Soleplate and Vaporposite upper. The Dream Speed series is intended to inspire the next generation of footballers. It features hand-picked footballers such as Kylian Mbappe and Cristiano Ronaldo. It also features a shimmering presentation and a futuristic shift.

The ‘Dream Speed’ Mercurials feature a unique design that represents the concept of speed. The CR7-inspired method includes a perforated pattern, a license plate pattern, and dashed lines. It is also designed with color codes and a signal blue colorway.

The new ‘Dream Speed’ Mercurials are intended for players who want to be the fastest. The ‘Dream Speed series will be available for the next few seasons and will feature new designs as the season passes. The first installment of the ‘Dream Speed series features a striking blue colorway. It has a metallic finish, sparkled laces, and a faded Swoosh. The upper also features technical Mercurial details like perforation patterns, registration marks, and scale rulers.

Nike’s ‘Superfly CR7’ was inspired by Ronaldo’s success, and the boot’s name was Spark Positivity to represent the player’s relentless pursuit of greatness. It was Ronaldo’s 30th signature series upon its release and pointed to a bright future for the new CR7.

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Vapor design

The Nike MDS 002 Vapor is a mercurial football shoe with new upper construction. The boot is made from a thick material with a cushioned ankle area and a heel tab. It features a carbon fiber sole plate and is 196 grams (6.9 oz). This model is available in several colorways, including white/gold and white/silver. The design is complemented by thin color strips on the inner side and outsole.

The MDS 002’s paint job is reminiscent of the Vapor 3 R9 (yellow and green), which CR7 wore during the 2006 World Cup in Germany. This colorway was later incorporated into the Superfly 4 and inspired the Vapor 3’s dot design.

In mid-2002, the Nike Vapor was released. Cristiano Ronaldo debuted them in a match against Barcelona. In the same game, Thierry Henry wore the red version. He scored two goals. The Nike Vapors became a popular shoe, especially among soccer players.

This soccer boot has a high degree of comfort. The mesh-like upper is very comfortable. It has a two-piece plate with studs at the heel for more traction. This cleat also has a low-top collar that allows players a more comprehensive range of movement. It also comes with Nikeskin technology. The MDS print on the upper is also very bold.

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Low cut

The Low cut Nike MDS 002 features a mid-cut Superfly collar to enhance ankle support. The Superfly line is known for its performance cleats, and the MDS 002 is no exception. This is one of Nike’s most popular silhouettes and comes in both Academy and Elite models.

It is built with high-tenacity yarn Flyknit and a thin Nikeskin overlay for a durable fit and feel. The boot also features a Conditions Control coating, which adapts to wet and dry conditions for maximum performance. In addition, the split sole is constructed with 11 Nike Aerotrak studs, four on a green circular plate at the heel and three on a yellow dagger plate at the forefoot.

This model also features a new paint job inspired by CR7’s CR7 jerseys from the 2006 World Cup in Germany. The yellow and green dot design on the upper is similar to that found on the Vapor 3 R9. These colors also inspired the Superfly 4 CR7 football boot.


The Nike MDS 002 will be released in a new colorway called Lemon Venom. The shoe’s uppers will start with a bright yellow color that gradually transitions to orange and green on the medial and lateral sides. This colorway is inspired by the Vapor 3 R9 worn by CR7 during the 2006 World Cup in Germany. This new colorway also features the dot design that was popular with the Vapor 3’s.

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The MDS boot features a high-tenacity yarn Flyknit upper with a thin polyurethane overlay. The boot also features Nike’s Conditions Control coating to adapt to dry and wet conditions. The split sole of the MDS boot is constructed from 11 bladed studs. Four studs are on a circular dark green plate on the heel, and the remaining three are on a dagger-shaped yellow leaf on the forefoot.

The green hues of the Nike MDS 005 boot are reminiscent of free-flowing football. It’s a color that has been associated with positive decisions. The boot also features an undistracted aura. This makes it an excellent option for any player, regardless of how experienced they are.

Nike’s latest football boots are set to debut on 30 September. The new Mercurial 360 Dream Speed 002 will be released in a Lemon Venom colorway. It is inspired by the Mercurial WM 2006 and will be available to Kylian Mbappe and Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Nike MDS 002 Mercurial Football Shoe
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