Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Elite Soccer Cleats

The Tiempo Legend 8 Elite is an excellent choice for soccer players who want a lightweight but durable soccer boot. It features a Flyknit tunnel, Kangaroo leather, and NIKE GRIP technology. It also features a foam cage for added stability and a comfortable fit.

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Flyknit tunnel

The Nike Tiempo Legend is an iconic soccer cleat with a legendary touch. The upper features premium calf leather and molded diamond texture, which provide excellent ball control and keep water out. It also features a Flyknit fit tunnel for a custom fit and responsiveness while changing direction with the ball.

The Flyknit tunnel is a supportive fit designed to hug the foot’s arch. Its molded heel offers a locked-down fit that prevents the boot from slipping. The inner foam sock liner and the reinforced heel also comfortably fit.

The Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Elite features FlyKnit and Quadfit technology. It is made for optimum comfort, with no seams or glue between the upper and midsole. This reduces weight and prevents stiffness between the layers. The boot comes in two colorways: black and blue. It is available at a retail price of USD 230, EUR 220, or GBP 190.

Kangaroo leather

The Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Elite FG Soccer Cleats feature premium kangaroo leather uppers and a foot-hugging, Quad-Fit mesh lining. They also feature a wraparound Flyknit tongue for support and a soft touch. The cleats also feature ACC technology to provide maximum traction and control in dry and wet conditions.

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The upper is made of premium kangaroo leather, without any stitching or seams in the front. It comprises four layers:

  • Kangaroo leather.
  • A foam skeleton with vacuum processing.
  • A Fit-Mesh lining to prevent the leather from being overstretched.

The boot also features Nike’s first-ever Flyknit tongue and heel. This fully-integrated Flyknit construction reduces pressure from the language and laces and provides increased dampening. It also features a dynamic Flywire cable that runs diagonally from the instep to the heel for a comfortable, adaptive fit.

NIKE GRIP technology

The Nike Tiempo Legend 8 is a performance soccer boot that uses NikeGrip technology to secure your foot inside the cleat. This innovative technology is incorporated into the insole and on the sock liner. This technology helps to prevent your foot from sliding into the boot and provides superior traction and feel.

This cleat is perfect for firm-ground surfaces, such as grass. It is constructed with high-quality K-Leather to provide a comfortable fit. It also features All Conditions Control (ACC) technology, improving traction in dry and wet conditions. It also comes with NikeGrip technology to help you grip the ball with your whole foot, and it features a Hyperstability plate to provide multidirectional traction.

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Foam cage

The Tiempo Legend 8 Elite features a lightweight and durable upper with a string bag. You can easily carry your new volleyball to your next training session. The upper is made of kangaroo leather that is durable and water-resistant. This volleyball is made for high-performance play and is perfect for high-performance players.

The Tiempo Legend 8’s upper is made of premium kangaroo leather with no stitching or seams on the front. The upper is constructed with four layers of materials, including kangaroo leather and a vacuum-processed foam skeleton. The upper also includes a nylon insert for integrated stability. Finally, the upper is lined with a Fit-Mesh lining, which prevents the leather from overstretching.

Diamond pattern

The Nike Tiempo Legend 8 is an all-rounder soccer boot designed for comfort and practicality. Its leather upper is covered with an embedded diamond pattern. The FlyKnit material provides comfortable cushioning, and the HyperStability system corrects your running routine.

It features a debossed diamond pattern and is made from premium Kangaroo Leather. The ACC technology keeps water and mud from accumulating in the shoe’s fabric. The upper is pliable, although it isn’t as plush as stitched leather. A water-resistant design allows for optimal ball touch in any weather.

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The Nike Tiempo Legend 8 features the same colorway as the original Tiempo Legend IV Elite. It features stitch-less leather on the upper, a Flyknit Fit Tunnel that provides support around the midfoot, and a Quadfit mesh in the forefoot that helps prevent the outer leather layer from being overstretched. The Tiempo Legend 8 is part of the Nike Football Future DNA Pack.

Flyknit heel

The Nike Tiempo Legend VIII is a modern variation of the Tiempo Legend VII, the first model to feature Flyknit. This new material offers better comfort and fit and is 22% lighter than its predecessor. It also has Fit-Mesh to prevent overstretching of the leather toe box. It features an upper similar to the Magisters. The shoe was also released in special editions to commemorate Francesco Totti’s and Ronaldinho’s careers.

The upper of the Tiempo Legend VIII is made of kangaroo leather. It infuses Nike’s Quadfit technology and provides a snug, comfortable fit. It also has a diamond pattern on the vamp and Nike’s Hyperstability soleplate.

The upper features a Flyknit tunnel and Quadfit construction, which provides a good level of support and protection. The upper material has soft leather and Flyknit construction, allowing it to keep its shape without overstretching.

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Flyknit tongue

The Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Elite FG features Flyknit and a Quadfit upper. The soleplate is reminiscent of the Nike VII and features conical studs. The Flyknit tongue on the Tiempo Legend 8 Elite is very comfortable. It weighs 7.55 ounces in size nine US.

The upper is made from premium kangaroo leather. It gives you excellent control and touches in dry and wet conditions. It features an All Conditions Control technology to maintain the same level of control in both wet and dry conditions. Flyknit technology is also used in the tongue and upper, which adds support and stretch to the upper.

The Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Elite comes in a variety of colorways. The black version is available in limited sizes and features the same technologies as the other colorways. Featuring a central lacing system and a stitched internal fly-knit tongue, it offers good comfort and a good feel on the ball.


The Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Elite is a brand-new cleat. It is made with high-quality kangaroo leather and is designed for firm ground surfaces. It is made with a Flyknit tunnel construction and the Quadfit upper system. This boot is designed for traction in every direction and is lockdown to provide superior comfort.

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This cleat is made from premium kangaroo leather and is designed with a 4layer design, which gives you a secure fit. It also has a quilted foam skeleton for enhanced dampening. The shoe also comes in a Neighborhood Pack, which pays tribute to the hometowns of various soccer players.

The leather upper is soft and comfortable. The boot has plush lining in the heel, and its sides stretch to make putting it on easier. The boot is designed to be versatile for different players. The shoe accommodates the shape of any foot and provides excellent lockdown.

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Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Elite Soccer Cleats
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