adidas Predator 19 Soccer Shoe Review

The Adidas Predator 19 is a superb choice for players who need precision on firm ground. The tight-fitting collar and supportive knit textile upper will help you lock in with every touch. The textured coating adds confidence to every contact, too. The new Predator also features a lateral-toe cleat, allowing for more mobility and a more stable stride.

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Predator 18

The Adidas Predator 18 is the evolution of the original. Inspired by the Predator’s heritage, the new model is a modern-day take on the laceless soccer boot. Its DNA is the DNA of the original Predator, and its identity is the identity of football’s future. Players like Dele Alli, Paul Pogba, Ivan Rakitic, and Mesut Ozil will be sporting the new boot at the 2018 World Cup. The new Predator is Adidas’ first significant move into the future of football.

This version of the Predator carries the aggressive silhouette and ridges of the original. It also incorporates modern innovations like a knit upper and mid-cut sock construction. There’s also an improved laceless variation. Instead of David Beckham, Pogba wears the new Predator.

The Adidas Predator 18+ FG features a one-to-one upper made of both Adidas standard and new technologies. Adidas Primeknit covers the midfoot and heel areas of the upper. The Primeknit fabric makes the cleat feel more responsive and flexible. The Primeknit material also includes a CONTROLSKIN layer, which is ideal for controlling the ball. The Adidas Predator 18 is available at the Adidas online store or any sports retailer.

Predator 18+

This year, Adidas is bringing back the Predator in serious style. Designed with players’ complete control in mind, it’s built with a soft ControlSkin upper and forefoot, as well as a Boost sole and Controlframe outsole. The authorities have a built-in foam structure that’s pliable and stretchy.

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As you might expect, the Predator 18+ is an evolution of the Predator, which first came out in the late 90s. The new version has improved the design and feels similar to the ACE but is more lightweight. The CONTROLSKIN adds extra power to your shot and provides more precise guidance.

Although the Adidas Predator is an evolution of its predecessor, it still features some features from the original Predator, including the same innovative technologies as its predecessors. This new model is an excellent option for younger players, too.

Predator 19+

Predators are built for precision on firm ground. The supportive knit textile upper and snug-fitting collar lock the player in place for complete control. The textured traction coating adds confidence with every touch. The new Adidas Predator 19+ offers a great fit and feel for any player. These shoes are available in three different colors, allowing you to find the perfect match for any game.

The Adidas Predator 19+ comes in a variety of colorways. They first made their debut as part of the 302 Redirect Pack and now come in four different colorways. One of these colorways, called Metallic Silver, is made with full-on chrome coating, which gives it a razzle-dazzle visual effect. The new model also comes in a firm-ground version.

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The Adidas Predator 19+ has a hybrid stud mix and a Primeknit upper. The soleplate is designed with a linear pattern and triangle cutouts to provide a snug, adaptive fit. The laceless design also allows for a larger strike zone and clean shots on the field. Another key feature is the Boost technology. Boost technology is a material that contains expanded thermoplastic polyurethane pellets that provide lightweight cushioning and a responsive ride.

Predator X

The Predator X has become one of the most famous soccer shoes in recent years. Its laceless design and sci-fi look have made it a fan favorite. The boot is light and features a wrap-around heel to strengthen and protect. It also can help you control the ball wherever it contacts the ground.

It features a thermoform window and a high-quality rubber-silicon mix for maximum traction and power. The boot also comes with an innovative Powerspine for ultimate swerve and control. The power spine, a revolutionary technology, maximizes contact time for excellent traction and maximum speed.

The Adidas Predator X was released in white and black colorways for the winter 2010-2011 season. Its studs were called Traxion (tax) and were anatomical in shape. This model was the first to include interchangeable studs. The shoe has since become a collectible, and the latest iteration was designed with soccer stars in mind.

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Predator X colorways

An Oddity Pack has accompanied the latest Adidas Predator. This shoe version features a whole solar sky with flashes of red and blue. Despite its name, the Predator is very much about the play. It’s available with or without laces. Manchester United star Paul Pogba and Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil have both sported the shoe on various occasions. A host of other top-flight professionals have also been spotted wearing the shoe.

This version of the Predator also features a new fabric heel. This feature offers excellent stability and an improved ball feel. This edition also features the famous “Mutator” colorway and a more stable shoe version. You can buy the Predator 19 on the WorldSoccerShop website.

The Predator’s unique design focuses on control, swerving, and spinning. Similar to the Lethal Zones model, the Predator has a zone-skin upper designed based on athlete feedback. These upper feature ridges are strategically placed into four zones for traction.

Predator X features

The Predator 19 is a modernized version of the original, which features a new outer design that’s a little less spiky. Instead of the spikes that previously adorned the Predator, this shoe has four distinct “zones” where you can strike the ball. Spiderman inspires the new design, so it looks a bit like the character.

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This Predator version features a new heel piece, a rubber ridge on the front, and black detailing along the banks. These features are said to improve ball speed. In the beginning, the Predator was more famous for boosting shooting strength, but later, the focus shifted to ball spin. The boot was also available without the Predator elements, but this version was known as a Precision.

As a result, the Predator 19+ offers more support and comfort. The heel piece is reinforced, providing more cushion and control. The ridged pattern helps the ball control wherever the foot hits the ball. The heelpiece is designed to fit most players.


The Adidas Predator 19+ is an upgraded version of the original Predator shoe. These shoes are still laceless but have added an extra control component. The upper of these shoes is made of fluid material, which gives them an enhanced look and feels. They also feature a wrap-around heel that adds additional protection.

The Adidas Predator 19+ FG is made of precut technology, which removes distracting lace edges and laces from the foot. This cleat is favored by professional players such as Mesut Ozil, Paul Pogba, and Ivan Rakitic. It is available in two colorways, Active Red/Solar Red/Core Black, and is designed for both men and women.

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The new Adidas Predator is made from the same super soft ControlSkin material as the Predator, but with a new and improved upper. This shoe feels luxurious to the touch and has a built-in foam structure for better communication and control.

Where to buy

If you’re looking for a great pair of football boots, you’ve come to the right place. There are a few different options, but one thing you can count on is a high-quality pair of Predators. These boots are lightweight and comfortable and feature laceless construction. They also feature a wrap-around heel for added support.

The Adidas Predator has a different design than its predecessors. Instead of focusing on power, the Predator focuses on control. Its outsole is flat and features a stud configuration similar to a tennis shoe. It also has a new adiPower element that maximizes traction.

The Predator 19+ comes in four distinct colorways. It was first introduced as part of the 302 Redirect Pack and featured a full-on chrome coating for a stunning visual effect. Although it’s technically known as “Metallic Silver,” it’s also available in several other colorways.

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adidas Predator 19 Soccer Shoe Review
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