Mercurial ‘Chosen 2’ Soccer Boots

The Mercurial ‘Chosen 2’ boots are a limited-edition model and a must-have for any soccer fan. They feature the KM x LBJ pattern across the upper and have the KM and LBJ logos on the heel tabs. The boots also feature Nike’s signature Hyperfly 7.0 technology.

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KM x LBJ pattern across the upper

The Nike KM x LBJ “Chosen 2” boots have a bold look and feature a zig-zag pattern across the upper. They are available in various colorways, including a shiny silver/chrome finish, and are accented with a 3D KM and LBJ logo.

The two sports giants have collaborated on a limited edition Mercurial ‘Chosen 2’ football boot. The ‘Chosen 2’ comes in a colorway reminiscent of the earth. The two teams also collaborated on an apparel line, and the LBJ x KM pattern is visible on the hoodie, pants, and tracksuit.

KM and LBJ logos on the heel tabs

The LBJ x KM “Chosen 2” boots are available in black. They feature a silver-looking zig-zag graphic on the upper, a particular font on the toe box, and a 50/50 shiny silver/chrome soleplate. They also feature the LBJ and KM logos on the heel tabs.

The Nike Chosen 2 pack is designed to celebrate the friendship between James and Mbappe. The two have collaborated on several projects, including a school in James’ hometown and a sports court in Bondy. The 22-year-old Frenchman has a new signature boot that pays tribute to his hero, the late LBJ. The KM X LBJ pattern is prominent on the heel tabs, and the ‘Chosen One’ logo sits on the toe. The double swoosh is also present on the forefoot.

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The Nike ‘Chosen 2’ pack features basketball and football boots created by legendary players. The collaboration celebrates the unique talents of the two athletes and their impact on their respective sports and communities. Both athletes are homegrown heroes and have made a lasting impact on the sport and the world. As a part of the ‘Chosen 2’ campaign, the two players have donated money to charities that support underprivileged children.

LeBron 18 basketball sneakers

Nike has released a new colorway of the LeBron 18 basketball sneaker, dubbed “The Chosen 2,” which pays homage to Kylian Mbappe and LeBron James. The sneakers feature a black Knitposite 2.0 upper with an exceptional LeBron x Kylian graphic on the heel counter. They are scheduled to hit retail shelves on January 7, 2021, and cost $225.

The newest LeBron basketball sneaker is designed for power and speed. The Nike LeBron 18’s upper features Max Air and Zoom Air bags. The shoe is also divided into two “halves.” It will be available in different colorways. Two “Los Angeles” colorways will be released, one celebrating the city and the other celebrating the Lakers’ 2020 championship season.

The LeBron 18’s traction is good on clean, dust-free courts. However, the shoe has some traction issues on unkempt courts. The outsole is pretty durable, which is a must for outdoor use. The LeBron 18’s cushion is one of the best available today, with a mix of Cushlon and Max Air. It provides top-notch comfort, and the premium materials help justify the high retail price tag. The shoe fits true to size.

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In addition to the LeBron 18 basketball sneakers, Nike introduced the ‘Chosen 2’ Mercurial Superfly 7 soccer boots. The first pair will be available on January 7.

Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 Elite LeBron Mbappe SE ‘Chosen 2’

Having chosen both the basketball and the football versions, the two teams have developed a similar design for their boots. Both the basketball and football versions feature the same internal insole, with one part of the playing field being in a penalty area and the other in a basket. Despite their similarity in design, there are many differences between the two models.

The Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 Elite ‘Chosen 2’ football boots are designed with Kylian Mbappe and feature a 360-degree Flyknit upper. These boots also feature two angular studs and a mismatched LJ and KM logo. The ‘Chosen 2’ edition of the Superfly 7 Elite is limited to 4,620 pairs worldwide.

Nike, LeBron James, and Mbappe form a striking trinity that honors their unique styles and histories. The ‘Chosen 2’ nods to the French flag while the ‘Lebron’ tag is placed on the heel. This exchange of titles is the perfect example of these three companies’ basketball and football bond.

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The ‘Chosen 2’ boot is a black boot with a silver-looking zig-zag graphic on the upper. The toe box is also adorned with a particular font. The soleplates are made from a 50/50 shiny silver/chrome combination. The heel tabs feature contrasting colors, while the back of the boot features an iridescent design.

Release date

The LBJ x KM “Chosen 2” boots will be released on January 9 at Unisport stores. The limited edition shoe combines the two superstars’ signature styles and features an iridescent finish. A silver-looking zig-zag graphic from KM is on the boot’s upper, while the soleplates are 50/50 shiny silver/chrome color. The shoes also feature a unique logo on each heel.

Nike has already shown off their new Lebron 18 basketball shoe and will follow that up with the ‘Chosen 2’ soccer shoes. The shoes will be pre-ordered on January 7 and retail for USD 300, EUR 290, GBP 250, and EUR 300. There will be only 4620 pairs released globally.

Nike’s ‘The Chosen 2’ collection honors LeBron James and Kylian Mbappe by paying tribute to the two superstars. The ‘The Chosen 2’ pack includes the Mercurial Mbappe and LeBron 18 models. Retail prices for these boots start at $225.

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Mercurial ‘Chosen 2’ Soccer Boots
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