Nike Ghosted1 Review

Look further than the new Ghosted1 from Nike for a perfect, lightweight running shoe. This lightweight running shoe has a new upper with a unique FLUROSKIN weave. This weave makes the shoe feel softer than previous versions while maintaining strength and style. It also features dual heel counters for added support, a traditional lace closure, and an inner rubber lining on the instep for a precise fit.

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The revolutionary Mirageskin fabric hugs the foot for maximum lockdown and comfort while a carbon-fiber heel cap propels you forward. The spaceframe outsole delivers explosive speed on firm ground. In addition to its lightweight materials, the Mirageskin is made from a unique mix of carbon and Carbitex technology.

In addition to its breathable mesh upper, the Adidas X Ghosted features a translucent Mirageskin material. It also boasts a fine optic material and a unique wire-frame support system. The shoe provides maximum comfort and speed with its sleek look and minimal design.

Synthetic upper

The Ghosted1 Synthetic upper offers a thin, lightweight synthetic material that allows close contact with the ball. Its translucent rubber coating adds strength and style. This sneaker also features a dual heel counter and traditional lace closure for a secure fit. Its minimalist design allows for a snug and comfortable fit.

The lightweight synthetic upper of the Ghosted1 lets the player maintain top speed while the flexible outsole digs in for explosive acceleration on firm or hard ground. It comes with an Adidas official guarantee and can be combined with other products. It is also available in junior sizes. The Ghosted1 Synthetic is made for those players who love a thin boot but still want the same performance.

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Vacuum-like fit

The Ghosted1 has a unique vacuum-like fit, which is excellent for players who want to play fast and feel the ball in their feet. The shoe features a translucent upper and a carbon-fiber forefoot plate. It also has a Vacuum Fit experience, which means it fits snugly without sacrificing support.

Unlike other cleats, the Ghosted1 doesn’t use laces. This gives players an easy slip-on vacuum fit. The shoe also comes equipped with Mirageskin technology, a lightweight composite material that molds to the foot’s shape like a second skin. This helps prevent heel slippage and provides comfort and lock. Another feature is a unique slit in the heel to alleviate pressure on the Achilles tendon.

Although Adidas has never dominated the speed boot market, they did achieve some success with the adiZero. This lightweight speed boot was unique due to its soleplate. The Ghosted1 is an attempt to mimic that success by using carbon fiber. The upper is also made of thin synthetic material and features a more aggressive stud pattern. The shoe is designed for fast players and features a no-nonsense approach to football boots.


Last week’s episode of Ghosted saw Max reunite with his missing wife. Unfortunately, she knocked him out and ran away, but he was still attached to her. While the episode wasn’t particularly memorable (in fact, it was one of the worst and most shocking) for its lack of heart, “Lockdown” does represent some of the best use of the secondary cast in a Ghosted episode. This is good news for the series’ future and provides solid proof of concept for the ensemble cast.

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The Adidas X Ghosted.1 FG combines a new weave for a lighter feel than previous versions. It also features a translucent rubber coating for added strength and style. The traditional lace closure and dual heel counters help provide a secure fit. The inner rubber lining in the instep also ensures a precise fit. This new model also comes with a stud wrench to help install it.

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Nike Ghosted1 Review
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