Pele, Nomis, Charly, Bikkembergs, and Le Coq Sportif Soccer Boots

If you’re looking to buy new soccer boots, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find information about Pele, Nomis, Charly, and Bikkembergs soccer boots here. These brands make some of the best soccer boots in the world.

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Pele soccer boots

Regarding football boots, Pele soccer boots are a perfect choice. This brand is named after the Brazilian legend who won the 1970 World Cup. These boots are decorated with messages from Pele’s life and career. These boots are made with genuine leather. The upper part of these boots is made of shiny kangaroo leather, which goes through 150 processing steps.

These soccer boots are durable and lightweight. The patented stud geometry helps provide excellent traction on firm ground surfaces. The boot weighs only 170 grams and is made with high-quality materials. These soccer boots are also designed for fast, explosive acceleration.

Nomis soccer boots

When looking for a pair of soccer boots, there are a few things you should look for. These boots are named after the 1970 World Cup and are decorated with messages celebrating Pele’s life and career. The boot design is beautiful, with subtle coloring and a classic design.

The only problem with Nomis is that they were produced in a factory that makes other mid-range and high-end brands. Although the boots were initially made in the same factory as Diadora, Lotto, Patrick, Umbro, Penalty, Admiral, and other famous brands, they were a difficult fit for the Nomis principals.

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Charly Pele soccer boots are a top choice for young and experienced players. These boots are made of durable leather and are ideal for field use. They come with an information pamphlet and graphics inside the box. This gives them a more premium feel when you open the box.

Pele is famous for his speed, dribbling, and passing. He is also renowned for his powerful shot. The Puma King football boots he wore in the 1970 finals of the World Cup featured a soft leather upper and a central lacing system. The Puma King boot also featured plenty of material around the toe.


The Bikkembergs football boot was released in the year 2010. It was marketed as the ultimate union of passion and performance. It featured a rubber strip across the upper to evoke the captain’s armband. It is a similar design to the Adidas Nitrocharge.

Bikkembergs combines fashion with soccer footwear to produce a pair of boots suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The shoes feature an oversized tongue for a comfortable fit and are available in three different sizes. They also feature a durable PU midsole.

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Apta is a soccer boot brand with a rich history dating back to the 1960s. The brand has been making shoes for soccer players ever since. The brand’s logo features a football, and its name refers to its style. The boots are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. They have high quality and durability. Most Apta boots are made of leather, and they come in a variety of colors.

This classic style soccer boot was first introduced in 1968. It featured a soft leather upper and a central lacing system. It also had plenty of material around the toe area. It fits both wide and narrow feet.

Le Coq Sportif

For those who love fashion and the game, Le Coq Sportif is the brand to beat. Founded in 1882, this French brand oozes romance, refinement, and elegance. These soccer boots are both fashion-forward and functional. And since Le Coq Sportif sponsors the Argentinian national team, you can be sure you’ll get a pair of high-quality soccer boots.

The Pele 1970 is a classic soccer shoe that aims to capture the look and feel of soccer shoes from years ago while incorporating modern technology to improve performance. Its leather quality is some of the best available, and the boots’ design allows for an almost universal fit for most foot types. If you’re looking for a pair of soccer boots that are both comfortable and protect your feet from injury, this pair is a great choice.

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Nomis is a famous Australian brand that manufactures and distributes football boots. Founded by a former Adidas senior vice president, Nomis has a strong presence in Europe and Australia. The brand is named after the Australian surname Nomis, which means “nose.” The brand makes football boots using specially tanned leather. Unlike Adidas, however, it has never developed or patented any technology.

While Lanzera is best known for making soccer boots, other brands include Penalty, which has been around since 1924. In the United States, the brand Pele Sports was created in memory of Pele and has produced many popular soccer boots. The French brand Le Coq Sportif is also a good choice, as it is known for making sneakers and other athletic footwear. Another great brand is Mizuno, making quality shoes and footwear since 1906. Mitre is another renowned soccer ball brand that was founded in 1817.


The miter is a brand you can trust if you’re looking for the perfect pair of soccer boots. Its football boots are made of high-quality materials to keep you comfortable during intense games. Pele and other great soccer players have worn these boots since the 1960s. Pele wore a pair of Puma football boots to the final match of the 1962 World Cup. The brand has made great strides in style, technology, and color. Its soccer boots were the most popular in the world by the 1980s. The company is also known for making high-quality soccer balls.

Mitre Australia also has a bespoke team wear solution. The team’s apparel is designed to match the team’s unique style. The materials used are high-quality sublimated textiles, which provide durability and complement the club’s colors.

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Serafino Pele soccer boots are designed with the athlete’s comfort in mind. The leather on these shoes is among the best in the industry. They feature a squared-off front to make toe-punting easier. Many big-name football players endorse these boots. The company was founded by Sydney-based fashion designer John Serafino and British entrepreneur Mel Braham. The company also works with Australian football legend Les Murray.

Serafino’s cult following is well-deserved. These boots are inspired by the style of Brazilian soccer legend Pele. Various designs are available to choose from, making them popular for any player. These shoes are an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor play.

Tepa Sport

If you are looking for soccer boots in Australia, you will find plenty of options. These brands are primarily Italian, but some brands from other countries are also available. These brands are all affordable, so you can afford them without breaking the bank. You can even find some models that are made in Australia!

If you want the best soccer boots for your money, try one of the following brands. Fila was established in Italy but eventually switched to the US. Reebok is an English-born company but has not produced any soccer boots since its merger with Adidas in 2005. Ryal, another Italian brand, has made high-quality leather boots for over 50 years.

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Pele, Nomis, Charly, Bikkembergs, and Le Coq Sportif Soccer Boots
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