Puma Future 1.2 MXSG and Puma Future FG

Puma has released two new football boots – the Puma Future 1.2 MXSG. Both are purple and are designed for soft ground. Both feature a FUZIONFIT compression band and Dynamic Motion System outsole, which offers secure foot anchorage while still allowing free movement.

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The FUZIONFIT+ technology in the PUMA Future FG and AG soccer cleats gives players a customized fit and improved comfort. PUMA developed innovative technology with players like Neymar Jr. and other world-class players. It works by breaking down differences in fit, touch, and traction.

The FUZIONFIT+ technology is built around a high-tech adaptive midfoot compression band that provides optimal lockdown and fit. This technology is backed by a lightweight, reactive outsole that aims to transfer energy directly to the pitch. In addition, the soft and supple upper delivers exceptional ball control, while the GripControl Pro skin adds to the comfort. This is the perfect shoe for players with game-changing moves.

The FUZIONFIT+ features an adaptive fit and a breathable mesh upper. The FUZIONFIT compression extends through the midfoot to conform to the shape and movement of the foot. The FUZIONFIT technology allows for a lace-free fit, which means you can wear them without sacrificing comfort. The GripControl Pro technology enhances the ball’s touch, while the braided fastening system offers stability.


The evoKNIT Puma Future FG is a men’s football boot with an excellent combination of comfort and performance. Its knitted collar design provides a unique silhouette while ensuring a secure fit around the ankle. The lightweight synthetic upper also offers excellent comfort and long-lasting durability.

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The evoKNIT upper on the Puma Future provides the player with superior comfort and a sock-like feel. The seamless design offers seamless support to the foot and makes it feel almost as comfortable as if the player was wearing a sock. The bold color scheme also adds an air of audacity to the game.

The FUZIONFIT+ compression band on the Puma Future is designed to adapt to the player’s foot shape and movement. This system is ideally suited to the playing style of the world’s best players and provides optimal lockdown and support for explosive movements.

The Puma Future 5.1 reduces the number of lacing options. While the future range was based on custom lacing variations, this new edition features fewer laces than the original. The 5.1 features an exclusive set of coral laces that match the launch’s colorway. The Future 5.1 also has a stretchy evoKnIT collar. This knitted material gives the player a sock-like feel and makes the boot very comfortable.


The RAPIDAGILITY of Puma Future football boots combines flexibility and strength to promote rapid grip. Its traction system features longitudinal and conical lugs. It also features NETFIT technology for adaptability, which lets the player customize the fit of the cleats to their foot.

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This is a game-changing boot, with Puma showcasing Neymar as its feature player. The adaptive FUZIONFIT+ compression band is engineered to enhance the style of the world’s best players. It also provides optimal lockdown and support during explosive movements.

Unlike the previous Puma Future football boots, the Future FG has a new outsole. It has a TPU protective layer around the shoe’s base to minimize wear. This layer also limits the lacing areas to the mid-foot and below the ankle. The new upper material has two distinct textures: the lacing area feels soft right out of the box, while the TPU-covered areas have a thicker feel.


The FUZIONFIT compression band across the midfoot delivers enhanced ball control and lockdown. A lightweight, reactive outsole supports this innovative feature for superior traction. The soft upper provides an exceptional feel and touch, with GripControl Pro skin that enhances your communication. This high-performance football boot is designed for players who own the game.

The FUZIONFIT compression band on the PUMA Future FG/AG football cleats allows for a more comfortable and adaptive fit. It is designed with players like Neymar Jr in mind and provides the best possible fit, touch, and traction. It also includes the famous PUMA guarantee.

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FUZIONFIT provides an optimal fit for athletes on firm and artificial surfaces. It also allows for increased touch and flexibility. The FUZIONFIT technology adapts to the shape of the foot, which helps you control the ball with greater precision. FUZIONFIT offers a comfortable fit without the use of laces.


The Puma Future 1.4 is a new generation of the brand’s famous football boot, featuring a new technology that makes it more flexible and comfortable. It uses the second generation of FUZIONFIT+ technology to mold your foot shape for an ideal fit and the right balance between flexibility and support.

The PUMA FUTURE 1.4 has Advanced Creator Zones that provide added softness in the forefoot area. This technology gives you more control and touch when kicking the ball. The PUMA FUTURE 1.4 also features a grippy mesh material, which creates a thinner layer between your foot and the ball.

The FUTURE 1.4 is designed to provide ultimate comfort and support for playmakers. It features the second generation of FUZIONFIT+ technology, which molds to your foot shape to provide the ultimate fit and support. The boot also features Nano Grip in the insole to keep you firmly planted on the ground.

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The PUMA Future 1.4 is the latest in the brand’s Future boot line and is available in the new Fastest Edition pack. The upper of the boot is metallic blue with bold green accents. The Puma Future 1.4 is also a favorite of Brazilian superstar Neymar.


The Puma Future 1.2 features innovative technologies never seen before in a soccer boot. The low-cut boot is flexible and textured, while the Dynamic Motion System outsole transfers energy to the pitch for powerful propulsion and support. The FuzionFit compression band keeps agility and responsiveness in the center of the foot, making this the perfect boot for fast-paced players.

Future 1.2 is also eco-friendly, thanks to a collaboration between PUMA and First Mile. It features an upper made of 42% recycled plastic, including the EVOKNIT material and FUZIONFIT+ band. The PUMA Future 1.2’s Dynamic Motion System soleplate is made of recycled materials, providing a locked-in feel while playing.

Another feature of the Puma Future 1.2 is the ultra-lightweight Dynamic Motion System outsole, which allows for freedom of movement while supporting dynamic changes of direction. It also features an advanced stud configuration for enhanced multidirectional traction and agility. This soccer shoe has a removable, anti-slip insole to protect the foot from wear and tear.

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Designed with vision in mind, the Adidas FUTURE 1.3 soccer boot is more flexible and comfortable than ever. It features the second generation of FUZIONFIT+ technology that adapts to your foot shape, ensuring the perfect balance of support and flexibility. It’s also more water-resistant and breathable than ever.

FUTURE 1.3 is the brand’s latest generation of soccer shoes, featuring a laceless version. The laceless style has been popular for a while, and PUMA has taken it a step further by adding more innovation. The FUTURE 1.3 features an advanced FUZIONFIT+ compression band, which delivers an innovative knit pattern.

The FUTURE 1.3 for Puma has improved on the formula from its predecessor while keeping the exact comfortable fit. The new runner also features more compression material in the midfoot. This material is called FUZIONFIT+ and covers the midfoot, lace area, and boot mouth.

FUZIONFIT+ technology delivers next-generation fit, bringing you closer to the ball on every strike. In addition, Elite Advanced Creator Zones provide ultimate ball control with a 3D textured grip on the lateral side and softer gripping on the medial edge. The FUZIONFIT+ band extends further down the cleat to provide a more secure fit and feel.

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Puma Future 1.2 MXSG and Puma Future FG
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