Inside Look at Leonardo Bonucci’s Nike Phantom GT2 Elite Soccer Cleats

This article will look inside the Nike Phantom GT2 Elite soccer cleats worn by Croatian striker Leonardo Bonucci. It will cover his personalization of the boots and the ludicrous price tag. This article will also cover the reasons behind the high price tag and how they can benefit his career.

Leonardo Bonucci’s Nike Phantom GT2 Elite soccer cleats

In honor of his 100th cap for Italy, Leonardo Bonucci has adorned his latest Nike Phantom GT2 Elite soccer cleat with several custom details. These include the Italian flag, the LB19 100 print, and the dates of his first and 100th international games.

As a defender for Juventus in Serie A, Leonardo Bonucci wears Nike Phantom GT2 Elite soccer cleats. His jersey number is LB19, and his 100th game date is June 23, 2023.

His Croatian national team boots

The world has seen a few high-profile players wear new boots for the Croatian national team in the past few weeks. Leonardo Bonucci was the first to wear a pair, which looks like an excellent match for the Italian star. However, they might not be the best fit for the Croatian squad. A more versatile option may be the X silo, which has already been tested with Angel Di Maria.

Croatia needs a point in this crucial match to reach the quarter-finals. But it is unlikely to come without some controversy. The BBC’s Barry Davies has criticized Italy’s defensive shape. However, this time, Croatia hasn’t been tucked away in defense as in the previous two games. In addition, the Italians have changed the midfield, replacing the anonymous Ivan Perisic with Daniel Pranjic.

His personalization on his boots

For the 2018/19 season, Leonardo Bonucci wore custom Nike Hypervenom Phantom III Elite boots during a match. The shoes feature the Italian flag, the player’s name, and the names of his children. He also personally signed the shoes. The boots were donated to a charity auction in 2020, raising over EUR1,000 for the charity.

The boots are stylish with blue and white logos and metallic silver applications. They are designed to honor Leonardo Bonucci’s achievements in his career. The upper of each boot also features a print that reads LB19 100. The Italian flag and the dates of Italy’s first and 100th games are also featured. The first match for Italy was against Cameroon, while the 100th match was against Northern Ireland.

Alternatives to his boots

Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci has shared a photo of his new Nike cleats. While they look like your average Joe’s Nike Magista Obra 2, they have been specially designed to fit Bonucci’s foot. The shoes also have a special sole plate intended for him.

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Inside Look at Leonardo Bonucci’s Nike Phantom GT2 Elite Soccer Cleats
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