Nike Hypervenom Phantom Review

The new Nike Hypervenom Phantom is a firm-ground football boot with a Dynamic Fit collar and aggressive allover texture for a better touch. The collar combines with the laces to create a close fit, while cords on the lateral side wrap the midfoot for added stability. The asymmetric lacing system expands the ball-control area, and the chevron studs provide traction.

Flyknit upper

In a game where flexibility is critical, the Nike Hypervenom Phantom Flyknit mid-foot collar helps you stay on the ball. This innovative material is soft right out of the box and works to lock your feet into place. It also enables you to maintain awareness of your feet and enhances your lateral stability.

The upper of the Nike Hypervenom Phantom Flyknit is composed of textile and mesh materials. The Vaporposite+ material’s raw skin-tight press against the foot provides extra grip, while the Flyknit lining enhances adaptability.

Nike redesigned the Hypervenom Phantom in February 2017 to introduce the new Hypervenom Phantom III. While keeping the same name, they opted to drop the Phinish name and changed the shoe’s construction and aesthetics. The new Nike Hypervenom Phantom III features a Flyknit upper, Nike’s Dynamic Fit Collar, and Nike Flywire technology. Compared to the previous version, the Hypervenom Phantom Flyknit upper offers a tighter lockdown feel.

The Nike Phantom Ultra Venom football boots amalgamate the Nike Hypervenom Phantom III and Flyknit upper. They are inspired by the innovative 2017 Flyknit Ultra, which offered a preview of the upcoming Mercurial line. Both boots are available in limited quantities through select retailers.

Hyper-Reactive soleplate

The Nike Hypervenom Phantom Hyper-Reactive soccer shoe’s soleplate combines two materials. One is a highly flexible Pebax(r) material, while the other is a more rigid nylon material. This combination provides excellent traction and control in all conditions.

The Hypervenom Phantom soleplate offers both lateral and rotational traction on firm surfaces. This provides complete control in tight spaces and allows you to change direction quickly. In addition, the soleplate is responsive and has a unique hexagonal shape. Its redesigned Agility Cuff fits your ankle bones perfectly.

The Hypervenom Phantom IIs features a more responsive soleplate than the original Hypervenom. The new sole plate also has an enhanced design, making them more lightweight. They also feature a more molded Polyurethane strike zone for better ball spin and strike accuracy. The sole plate is a significant selling point for this soccer boot, and it has won several awards for being the best on the market.

The Hyper-Reactive soleplate in the Nike Hypervenom Phantom is similar to the one in the Hypervenom 3 series. This soleplate allows the forefoot to flex naturally and offers a springy feel while cutting. The soleplate is a favorite of professionals.

The Hypervenom Phantom 3 is an improvement over the original model and is a worthy investment. This soccer shoe also features the Eye Stay, a previously less common feature in Hypervenom models. The eye stay is located on the side of the shoe and helps create a smooth surface in front of the shoe. This allows the player to hit the ball with a predictable strike.

The Hypervenom Phantom III features an updated version of the sole that is more flexible and introduces HyperReactive. The Flywire cables have also been improved. While the Flywire cables were off-center in the previous version, Nike addressed this problem by redesigning the system to provide better touch and stability. The tongue-less construction is another enhancement.

Soft, supple mesh bound with a thin polyurethane film

The upper of the Nike Hypervenom Phantom is an incredibly unique blend of synthetic mesh and NIKESKIN technology. It combines thin micro-mesh webbing and membrane-like layers of polyurethane. These elements work together to create a smooth and responsive feel. The soft, supple mesh used in this shoe provides optimal support to the foot, resulting in a smoother running experience. The new upper also features Nike’s All Conditions Control technology, which offers exceptional foot-to-ball control in wet and dry conditions.

Nike’s soft, supple Nikeskin material offers barefoot-like ball control. The lightweight mesh is one-piece, fitting closely to the foot for a natural touch. The Nike Hypervenom Phantom features All Conditions Control, a waterproof coating for maximum performance in any condition. The shoe’s flexible Nikeskin material also provides enhanced ball control, which is especially important for forwards. The supple, lightweight material is also great for quick and agile movements.

The Nike Hypervenom Phantom is an excellent example of a running shoe’s combination of speed and power. This model was created to accommodate the needs of modern football players. The game’s fast pace has resulted in new demands for lighter materials and an enhanced design.

The Nike Hypervenom Phantom is available for just $200 at and other soccer retailers. The shoes will debut on June 2 in a match between Brazil and England. Wayne Rooney and Neymar will be wearing the boots for the game.

The upper of the Hypervenom is made of NikeSkin synthetic, which provides an even feel across the foot. It also features a shallow lacing system that works with the shoe’s shape and new X1.1 last.

Neymar da Silva Santos is the primary marketing attraction.

Nike released the Hypervenom Phantom in late 2014. Neymar da Silva Santos, a Brazilian soccer player, was a major attraction for the shoe’s release. In late 2014, Nike’s soccer footwear team met with the young soccer star, a fan of Michael Jordan. During the interview, Neymar mentioned his love for Michael Jordan and how much he admires the legendary basketball player.

Nike Sportswear embraced Neymar’s hype and used him as the primary marketing attraction. Neymar’s face was plastered on countless advertisements, which touted his agility and speed. He was only 21, but the marketing machine saw him as the next Cristiano Ronaldo and the future Ballon D’or winner.

After signing with Nike, Neymar became one of the youngest brand ambassadors in South America. He helped the brand expand from the South American soccer market into Europe. He also became a household name in the world of social media. His presence has allowed Nike to reach a global audience.

The Hypervenom Phantom was released in May 2013, and the main marketing attraction for the product was Neymar. He starred in a commercial for the shoe and was said to promote “fit, touch, and traction.” The first colorway of the shoe was black/bright citrus, and Neymar also wore the Hypervenom Phantom Transform SE. This was the last edition of the Hypervenom Phantom.

Flywire cables as lace-loops

The Nike Hypervenom Phantom has a unique lacing system that utilizes Flywire cables as lace-loop attachments. These cables are designed to tighten when the laces are tightened. However, they also can move freely inside the channels. This allows for full mobility while providing excellent lockdown.

The Flywire cables in this football boot are designed to handle high tensions and stress. The Nike Hypervenom Phantom also has a Nike Grip insole that prevents slipping. The Flywire cables are connected to the laces via small channels built into the upper.

Despite the asymmetric lacing design of the Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3, the FG version of this football shoe is made specifically for fast acceleration on firm ground. The FG model also incorporates PORON foam pods in the strike zone and a hybrid plate with a flexible forefoot.

Another feature of this soccer boot is its Dynamic Fit Collar. The collar is cut diagonally so that it will be able to adapt to the angle of the ankle. The Flywire cables in the Phantom Venom provide the player with the desired tension around the foot.

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Flywire cables are incorporated into the shoe’s upper to combat overstretching issues. The shoe also includes NikeSKIN, which offers the perfect blend of stretch and compression. The Flyknit Dynamic Fit Collar seamlessly blends with the mesh. Unlike its predecessor, the Hypervenom Phantom II upper features no seams that touch the foot.

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Nike Hypervenom Phantom Review
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