Nike Mercurials – Black and Gold Mercurials

Nike makes these black and gold mercurials. They feature silver and gold accents throughout the upper, which aids dribblers. They also feature conical studs for exceptional traction and a stretchy collar that wraps around the ankle. You will feel comfortable and protected all over.

Dynamic Fit Collar

The new Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 Academy FG soccer cleats have been designed for semi-professional and amateur players. They feature a textured and molded upper with a Dynamic Fit Collar to provide a better fit. The outsole features conical studs that release quickly for traction and optimal mobility.

Real and Atletico Madrid inspires this new model. The Dynamic Fit Collar provides high customization possibilities. The Mercurial Superfly iD is available in 7 different colors, four diverse Swoosh options, and 12 different country flags. Its unique design makes it an outstanding choice for players of all ages.

The Dynamic Fit Collar provides extra support and stability for the foot and ankle. The collar fits snugly over the ankle and gives the boot a tight fit. It also enhances awareness. The collar also has a pull tab to help ensure proper fit. A snug collar means the boot will not fall off the player’s foot while running.

Nike Mercurial football boots feature a new stud system that is shaped with the help of an advanced computer system. The design team analyzed pressure points and power flow to determine the optimal stud pattern. The studs are strategically placed where the grip is needed most. They work equally well when decelerating and accelerating.

The Mercurial Vapors were released in various colorways in the 2006-07 season. A green/red and white colorway was released for the UEFA Euro 2008 tournament. They were also released in a special edition commemorating their tenth anniversary.

The Court Purple/Metallic Luster-Magenta colorway was released in late 2011 and was later followed by the Trace Blue/Anthracite-Cyber colorway in January 2012. Cristiano Ronaldo was also spotted sporting these shoes.

Dragonfly-inspired geometry

Nike is making a new colorway for the Mercurial series inspired by an insect wing. The new Dragonfly features a range of bright colors in a semi-transparent design. The new design is meant to be lightweight and efficient for players on the pitch. The Dragonfly is available in two colorways: Cactus and Berry. A black and gold colorway is also available.

Inspired by a dragonfly’s wing, the Mercurial Vapor cleat is designed for maximum effectiveness and minimum weight. The upper is made from a Vaporposite material that combines premium lining and grippy grid mesh to deliver excellent ball control. It is equipped with a high-tech Aerotrak plate for enhanced responsiveness on the pitch. It also comes in a motherboard-inspired colorway.

The limited-edition ‘Dragonfly’ Mercurial Superfly 8 and ‘Dragonfly’ Mercurial Vapor 14 will be available for Nike members on January 25 and will be available for the general public on February 1. More information on these new shoes can be found on the Nike Boot Calendar.

Nike made the Mercurial boot in 1994 and it is still the best-selling soccer boot of all time. It features a white base, grippy grid mesh, and premium lining. It also features a tonal underfoot plate and an outlined Swoosh. The design also pays homage to Nike’s 23-year legacy of iconic Mercurials.

The Dragonfly Mercurial Vapor was designed with input from top players. Its soleplate is inspired by the geometrical patterns of the Dragonfly wing. The boot is also lightweight, with seven prime components. These boots are designed to give players maximum efficiency with minimal weight.

Nike has launched a new colorway for the Mercurial Vapor. The first colorway was the blue/black version. Cristiano Ronaldo debuted the blue photo pair in a match against Barcelona. Another red colorway was debuted by Thierry Henry during Arsenal’s 5-1 win over Internazionale in Milan. The red model has a more miniature Nike swoosh.

Low weight

Mercurials are lightweight shoes known for their traction, control, and feel. They also feature a Zoom Air unit that allows fibers to compress more quickly, providing explosive moves. In addition, the upper portion of the shoe features Vaporposite, a grid mesh with premium lining that improves ball control. The Zoom Air unit also features Flex Grooves for a natural on-ball feel.

The Mercurial Vapor is the third generation in the Vapor family. It features Teijin microfibres to conform to the shape of the foot and weighs 196 g (6.9 oz). It is also lighter than the previous models and features a carbon last that increases comfort and support. Initially released in white/gold and silver colorways, the Mercurial Vapor III MVIII was also released in a blue graphite/sonic yellow and Azzurri blue colorway.

Nike has developed many models of the Mercurial. In 2016, they released the Superfly edition with a flywire upper and a synthetic layer for extra protection. It was also available in low-cut and high-top versions and weighed 167g. It was also designed to cushion the ball better than its predecessors.

The Vapor 15 is another high-performance model which features Dynamic Fit Collar technology. It wraps around the foot and eliminates gaps between the foot and the soleplate. The Superfly also has a specialized 3/4 Nike Air unit for maximum performance. While Vapor is lighter than the Superfly, it is still very responsive and lightweight.

Nike also released a new Mercurial version in 2006, called the Mercurial Vapor. This version was made with sport red outsoles and gold “swoosh” in the heel. It was a limited edition, released on the tenth anniversary of the Mercurial, and featured Ronaldo.

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Nike Mercurials – Black and Gold Mercurials
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