PUMA Future Z 1.2 Origin and PUMA Future Z 2.1 Origin

The PUMA Future Z 1.2 Origin FG/AG soccer cleats are an exclusive edition inspired by the superhero origin story. The unique colorway features the iconic silhouette of a superhero, while the futuristic design allows for enhanced traction and agility. It also offers a softer and smoother ride.

PUMA Future Z 1.1

The Puma Future Z is a revolutionary indoor football boot that provides explosive performance and comfort. This boot is designed to fit snugly without requiring the player to tie it up. This feature helps lock the foot in place even while playing. It is also designed without laces. Its lace-free design gives players the freedom to move freely. Also, the PUMA Future Z is lightweight, making it easy to carry around.

The PUMA Future Z 1.1 has been designed for dynamic players who want to make game-changing moves with their feet. The shoe’s FUZIONFIT+ compression band delivers a snug fit and lockdown, which improves agility. In addition, the cleats are diamond-shaped and arranged in circles around the ball of the foot. Lastly, the shoe’s GripControl Pro texturing makes it easy to manipulate the ball.

This soccer shoe was designed with Neymar Jr. to complement his unique play style. It also features an adaptive FUZIONFIT+ compression band for maximum lock-in and explosive movement. PUMA aims to improve the comfort and performance of the Puma Future Z by incorporating the latest technology.

PUMA Future Z 1.2

PUMA has just released the new Ultra 1.3 and Future Z 1.2, the former coming in Bluemazing/Sunblaze/Surf the Web colorways. In contrast to the Ultra 1.3, the Future Z 1.2 comes in a white and red colorway.

The PUMA Future Z 1.2 features unique technologies that help players perform better and stay comfortable. Its FUSION FIT band and thin upper combine to provide a comfortable fit and secure lockdown. These features make the Future ideal for players who shape games. They also help players achieve a barefoot feel.

This boot features a new Dynamic Motion System outsole, which provides a lightweight and flexible ride and supports dynamic changes of direction. It also has an advanced stud configuration for enhanced multidirectional traction and agility. Its upper is made of PUMA’s EVOKNIT technology to help players feel comfortable and locked in.

PUMA Future Z 2.1

The PUMA Future Z 2.1 FG/AG football boots feature a FUZIONFIT adaptive midfoot compression band for optimal fit and stability. They also feature an abrasion-resistant rubber outsole and GripControl Pro elements for increased traction and lateral movement. With these features, the Puma Future Z 2.1 FG/AG football boot is an excellent choice for dynamic players.

The Future Z was developed to help dynamic playmakers perform better on the ball. The shoe features an embossed Creator Zone to enhance the touch on the ball. It also features a lightweight Dynamic Motion System outsole that supports quick changes in direction while allowing for a natural range of motion. The outsole is also made with studs for multidirectional traction and enhanced agility. PUMA is committed to providing the best possible footwear for soccer players.

PUMA has updated the Future with FUZIONFIT+ technology, making it even more flexible and adaptive. This technology was created with players like Neymar Jr in mind. These players are shaping the game, so the FUZIONFIT+ technology is designed to enhance their performance and comfort.

PUMA Future Z 2.1 Origin

The PUMA Future Z 2.1 Origin is a soccer cleat designed to enhance a dynamic playmaker’s play style. Designed with Neymar Jr. in mind, the shoe incorporates a GripControl Pro skin and a FUZIONFIT+ compression band to give your feet the ultimate comfort while playing.

This FUZIONFIT+ compression band sits across the midfoot to provide maximum lockdown and stability. It also enhances the playing style of some of the world’s best players, providing optimal lockdown and support for explosive movements. It’s not only comfortable to wear, but it’s also stylish.

The FUTURE Z 2.1 Origin in white features a premium design and is made of lightweight mesh and PU leather. It features the company’s latest technology and an embossed Creator Zone for enhanced touch on the ball. It also has a super lightweight Dynamic Motion System outsole that helps support dynamic direction changes.

The Puma Future Z 2.1 Origin in white has an all-new color scheme inspired by the superhero origin stories. A blue-collar and Fuzionfit+ part is prominent, as are the white Puma logos. On the instep is a white ‘FUTURE’ writing. The sole has red diagonal stripes.

The FUZIONFIT+ compression band helps the Future adapt to your feet for maximum comfort. The FUZIONFIT+ compression band also enhances agility. Its FUZIONFIT+ midsection features NanoGrip technology, which improves on-foot feel and energy transmission.

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PUMA Future Z 1.2 Origin and PUMA Future Z 2.1 Origin
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