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The Adidas Predator Uniforia is a soccer shoe ideal for players who want to improve their passing skills and get into the attacking end of the field. The shoe has two zones: the dribble zone and the drive zone. The former offers better touch and feel, while the latter is used for long passes down the field and powerful shots. Another zone is the passing zone, which is made of extra foam and adhesive material. The latter is designed for passing, while the sweet spot zone is located on the side of the big toe. This area helps with spin and helps with dribbling.

Primeknit upper

If you’ve been looking for an alternative to the Primeknit upper on the Adidas Predator Uniforia, look no further. The new style combines the iconic Predator elements with the best in modern technology. The upper combines knit and Primeknit, while a sock construction keeps the shoe light and seamless. Whether you’re a serious soccer player or just looking to spice up your running shoes, the new Uniforia has the features you’re looking for.

The new Uniform Pack includes three “Highly Competitive” Predator variants: the laceless 20+ and laced 20.1 with low-collared 2.1. These new shoes have a variety of color schemes. They are also available with black and white soles or gold and silver heel caps. This means you can choose a pair that works best for you.

There are three zones for optimal fit and support on the Adidas Predator Uniforia: the dribble zone is on the side of the boot, which supposedly offers better touch. The drive zone is located in the striking part of the foot and is intended for long passes down the field and powerful shots. The passing area features additional foam and adhesive material for the ball-handling portion of the foot. Finally, there’s a sweet spot zone on the side of the big toe. It helps you spin your foot if you need to.

In addition to the Primeknit upper, the Predator features a Power Facet in the forefoot for added support. This weighted feature helps improve swerve, dribbling, and power.

Strike zones

The Strike Zones on the Adidas Predator Uniforia are different zones on the boot. Each zone is supposed to provide a unique feel. For example, the dribble zone is on the side of the boot, supposedly giving the player better touch while dribbling. In addition, the drive zone is on the striking portion of the foot and is used for long passes or powerful shots. The passing area is made of extra foam and adhesive material designed to help with passing. In addition, the sweet spot zone on the side of the big toe helps spin the ball.

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The Predator range has undergone several changes over the years. The Predator had two red patches on the heel in the first generation. The second generation did not have these patches and was released in black and blue. It was a cheaper alternative to the Predator.

The Predator has evolved to offer more Control. The Adidas Predator Uniforia features a more responsive midsole. In addition, the heel area has more support. This allows the striker to control the ball more effectively—a more responsive kick results in more power from the ball.

Another update to the Predator is the emergence of a new boot. This laceless version is designed to be comfortable and supportive while offering a high level of support. The laceless, Primeknit upper provides excellent ball control. It also has a CONTROLSKIN layer that helps the player control the ball. This feature is handy for holding the ball and dictating the play in the midfield. It was worn by players like Paul Pogba, Mesut Ozil, Dele Alli, and Ivan Rakitic.

Laceless design

This laceless Adidas predator soccer boot is a modern version of the iconic Predator design but with a modern twist. This version uses ControlSkin, a soft synthetic material that gives the ball a smooth and clean touch. The built-in foam structure also feels pliable and stretchy.

Nature’s most threatening creatures inspire the Predator design. The upper is made of Primemesh and is complemented by Predator Element tech, a synthetic foam layer that reinforces key contact zones for an improved ball feel. The Predator 20.3 LL FG also features a sock-like collar, a heel counter, and a pad.

The Predator 19.3 Laceless Firm Ground soccer cleat is also a laceless version. It features an anatomically designed mesh upper that eliminates the need for laces. While some testers complained about the lack of laces, others loved the laceless design.

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Another new addition to the Predator 20 football boot is the “Demonskin” material. This material makes the boot lighter and provides better ball contact. The laceless design also allows the athlete to get a tighter grip on the ball. In addition, the new ‘Demonskin’ spikes are located on the front of the shoe.


The new Adidas Predator UNIFORIA pack comes with various colorways and designs. This collection includes the Predator Mutator 20+, a sneaker usually worn by Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba. Other highlights include the Nemeziz, the X, and Copa, as well as Pop brush-style details.

The Nemeziz is made with a split soleplate, which helps you keep traction and agility. This unique stud configuration is inspired by sports tape, which gives a good grip on firm ground and allows you to move quickly. This cleat provides you with the agility and speed needed to score goals. It is also made with a high-quality synthetic leather upper, making it highly durable and comfortable to wear.

The Nemeziz features a color scheme similar to the Copa, a bright royal blue with a bright yellow soleplate. This design is intended for twinkle-toed players and is also an excellent choice for box-to-box midfielders.

This football boot is designed for daredevil and creative players and is the perfect choice for firm grass or artificial turf. It is comfortable and durable and is made for acceleration and stability. The unique stud pattern and dual lock collar add strength and support to the ankle.

Copa Uniforia colorways

The third colorway of the new Predator 20+ is the “Tormentor” edition. This paint job pays tribute to one of Adidas’s rare designs. This colorway was originally designed for Japan’s players for the 2002 World Cup but did not translate well to the Mutator mold.

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The original version of the Predator was released in 1994 and had a white and black color scheme. These colorways featured gold detailing. They were designed to spread the message of unity. In 2002, Adidas released a “Japan Blue” version of the Predator, worn by the Japanese team at the 2002 World Cup in South Korea. The rarity of this colorway gave it an even higher desirability factor.

The Uniform was initially named the D5 but was later renamed the Predator. The D5 had five lethal zones, a synthetic leather upper, and miCoach capability. The Uniform Pack also features three different versions of the Predator 20: a laceless 20+, a laced 20.1, and a low-collared version.

The Nemeziz features a similar color palette to the Copa. A contrasting colored soleplate highlights the white base color. This book is primarily aimed at twinkle-toed players who need good maneuverability. It is also a good choice for box-to-box midfielders.

Predator 20+ firm ground shoe

The Adidas Predator Uniforia 20+ firm ground shoe has been designed to provide an excellent technique to players while maintaining ball control. The shoe has a molded sole that allows for extra grip and holds on firm ground and a comfortable upper that stays on all day. The new model is designed for dry, natural grass pitches and will be available in white in June 2020.

The Predator Uniforia is a laceless soccer cleat with anatomically shaped upper and rubber spines. It delivers unbeatable swerve and 360-degree fit. It also comes in two other models: the Predator Mutator 20+ and Predator 20+.

The new Mutator 20+ FG was introduced in January and hailed as the best soccer boot of 2013. The latest version of the Predator has an updated look with a brush-stroke graphic on the outsole. The shoe is laceless, featuring a white canvas with bright yellow accents and a new graphic.

The Predator is designed for soccer players of all ages, emphasizing style and performance. The mesh upper mimics the shape of the heel for optimum comfort and Control. The Control Embossed upper and the Zone Skin outsole make it ideal for various cleat-to-ball contacts. It is also designed to be durable and lightweight.

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adidas Predator Uniforia Review
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