Nike Magista – Mid-Tier Football Boot

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The Nike Magista is an excellent football boot and is designed with performance in mind. Its features include a Dynamic Fit collar and a Dynamic Fit soleplate. It also features a Pearl upper and Chevron-shaped studs on the ball of the foot. The shoe is made with premium materials and should last for several seasons.

Orden soleplate

If you’re looking for a mid-tier soccer boot with a solid soleplate, look no further than the Nike Magista 2018 Orden. The Orden features a full-length TPU plastic soleplate and a soft Kangalite upper that hugs the foot comfortably. Both shoes have infinity symbols, FC Barcelona colors, and words from the special edition jersey.

Another critical difference between the Magista 2018 Orden and its predecessor is the soleplate. While the Obra and Opus soleplates were made of Pebax, the Orden has a TPU outsole and directly-injected studs. The Orden’s soleplate is less see-through than the upper-tier Magista boots, but the studs are identical to the ones on the Magista.

The Orden’s soleplate looks similar to previous Nike outings but incorporates a bit of flex to keep the shoe responsive. While this may seem like a minor change, it adds responsiveness and prevents the boot from feeling like a block of wood on the bottom of the foot. Nike has become one of the biggest employers of soccer players, and this new Orden soleplate continues that tradition.

Dynamic Fit collar

The Magista is now available with a Dynamic Fit collar to improve fit and feel. The coupling links the lower leg to the foot. In addition, the upper has a bumpy design to provide an enhanced ball feel. This shoe also features a tongueless construction for comfort and ease of entry and exit.

The Dynamic Fit collar replaces the traditional tongue, creating a tighter fit and less disparity between the foot and the boot. It also features a carbon fiber chassis and an all-new traction plate. This technology helps players play faster, with less disparity between the foot and boot.

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The Nike Magista is a revolutionary cleat. It’s upper incorporates Flyknit technology, a Dynamic Fit collar, and a Pebax-and-Nylon sole with conical studs. The cleat was unveiled during a special event at La Masia soccer academy, allowing non-professional players to try it out. Unfortunately, the event was so short that Soccer365 could not keep the cleat for long enough to review it.

Pearl upper

The Pearl upper on the Nike Magista 2018 is a beautiful feature. This upper material has a textured surface and is perfect for an enhanced ball feel. It also has a tongueless design. The ACC technology adds additional traction to the foot and provides the same feeling for the ball on wet surfaces.

The Magista was developed for creative playmakers who need traction and touch to make their passes. The team focused on fit and communication to make this boot the best option for them. The Magista also uses Nike Flyknit, a highly responsive material that allows the wearer to feel the ball closer and deliver the pass with more precision.

In addition to the Pearl upper, the Magista 2018 also features a sock. The sock was designed to mimic the player’s body and feel like a second skin. The boot came in several variations. The ‘classic’ Magista included the sock, while the ‘Obra’ version did away with the hose and kept much of the same technology.

Chevron-shaped studs on the ball of the foot

The Magista is designed with chevron-shaped studs around the ball of the foot for better rotation and 360-degree pivoting. The studies are designed to improve data collection and process. The Magista is significantly lighter than its predecessor. It weighs just 60 grams.

It features a new AG soleplate that doesn’t contain stardust. Instead, the soleplate now has more chevron-shaped studs, with each stud a distinct shape. This is more comfortable on artificial surfaces than the previous version, which had a combination of chevron-shaped and standard studs.

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This new boot also uses the same stud-positioning system as the Hypervenom. It has conical studs on the ball of the foot, and more are on the front of the boot. This helps you focus your balance and acceleration on your toes, and the split-toe design enhances agility and responsiveness during sudden changes in direction.

The stud configuration of the Magista is similar to that of the Hypervenom, which features 14 conically-shaped studs on the ball of the foot. These studs improve the ball’s traction, turn, and touch. This stud arrangement differs from the Superfly, which has four heel studs and an extra forefoot blade.

‘Do It Pack’ variant.

The Nike Magista 2018 ‘Do It Pack comprises a collared version and a lo-cut version featuring scenes from the 2018 World Cup in Russia. The collared version will drop on May 14, while the lo-cut will come in a similar colorway.

The Nike Magista 2018 ‘Do It Pack features four iconic Nike designs in an all-new capsule. These include a matte “Pearl” colorway, a metallic grey Swoosh, brightly colored plates, and the ‘Blue Hero’ logo on the Tiempo. This capsule will be available on May 14 and can be pre-ordered now.

The ‘Do It Pack’ version of the Magista is one of the most popular. It is made of durable and flexible material and is an excellent choice for everyday play. There are several variations, including the ‘Intense Heat’ variant. It came in a shocking color combination, and its striking appearance was challenging to match with the kit of any team. The ‘Do It Pack’ version, released just before the World Cup, was a big hit.

‘Intense Heat’ variant

This year, the Magista was released in an exciting new ‘Intense Heat’ variant. It was released in March and featured a striking color combination that was difficult to match with any kit. This variation became a hot favorite during the World Cup. It was also an excellent choice for the Just Do It Pack, widely used during the competition.

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The Intense Heat Pack uses warm hues and represents the intensity of football season. It is complemented by a color-shifting Swoosh that adds depth and variance—the cool tones of the Swoosh contrast with the warmer shades of the upper.

The Magista is a top-selling boot, and it’s great to see a new version hit the shelves. This football boot has many different variations. The ‘Classic’ version featured the iconic sock and was built with more conventional technology. A more minimalistic version, the ‘Opus’ version, stripped out the sock and retained many of the same technologies.

‘Ice Blue variant

The Nike Magista is a football boot that features the famous sock and is available in several variations. The ‘classic’ version featured the favorite sock and more traditional construction, while the Ice Blue variant omitted the hose and retained most of the same technology.

The Magista’s upper features a textured construction that helps give a feel of the ball and helps with traction. It also features a tongueless construction that seamlessly integrates the tongue into the upper. This allows for a tighter fit and increased control over the ball. It’s also made of ACC, improving traction and feeling during wet conditions.

The Magista was first released in March and came in the ‘Intense Heat’ colorway. It was an unexpected color combination that was difficult to match with the kit of many teams. The ‘Do It Pack’ variant was another popular edition of the Magista. During the 2018 World Cup, many players wore this shoe version.

The Ice Blue variant of the Nike Magista will feature a light blue colorway. The upper design is purple, while the sole plate and collar are turquoise. The new Magista is expected to hit the market before the end of the season and will likely include a women’s version.

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Nike Magista – Mid-Tier Football Boot
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