Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Review

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The Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Pro football shoe comes in different sizes. The EU size is 42,5 centimeters, or about 27, inches. They are made of durable materials and come with a three-dimensional HyperScreen print. They are very comfortable and make running or playing soccer much easier.

Flyknit Flyknit

The Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Elite FG is a soccer cleat released in July 2019. It features a Flyknit upper, NIKESKIN, and the latest soccer technologies. These shoes are designed for the top-level player. They offer maximum control and stability and are available in black, red, and blue.

Its shape is similar to previous Mercurials, though its construction is ultra-slim. The Vapor’s internal board is anatomically shaped and minimizes internal boot slippage. This translates to a more comfortable and more responsive ball-to-ground contact.

The Vapor 13 is made for pure attackers. The thin, flexible upper provides maximum control and neat touch when receiving a pass. The shoe’s heel and toe zones have excellent heel padding that provides cushioning and lockdown. It also features a flex zone that helps players make a move without the ball.

Flyknit 360 graus construction wraps the second pele and provides a secure, close field feel. This construction is also reinforced with travels to offer explosive thinking in the field. When combined with a Flyknit vapor 13, you can’t go wrong.

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Besides the upper’s seamless look, it’s also made from high-quality material. The Flyknit black Mercurial Vapor 13 FG also offers a comfortable fit. With a mesh upper, the vapor-inspired design allows the fibers to compress faster, giving you explosive moves. The Vaporposite upper also features Vaporposite, a combination of grid mesh and premium lining. This material also gives you superior ball control.

Zoom Air unit

Featuring Nike’s Zoom Air unit, the Black Mercurial Vapor 13 is an excellent option for soccer players who don’t want to rely on their heels during play. The team is located inside the boot plate to bring the foot closer to the ground. It also features flex groves that give the foot natural movement while promoting flexibility. The innovative design also provides enhanced durability.

The Zoom Air unit on the Mercurial Vapor 13 helps the fibers compress faster and provide more responsive cushioning. The shoe’s upper part is made of Vaporposite, a combination of grid mesh and premium lining that provides superior ball control. The Flex Grooves in the upper portion of the shoe helps the player move naturally on the ball.

This soccer cleat was developed with professional soccer players in mind. As a result, Nike introduced a new soccer-specific Zoom Air unit in 2022, Mercurial. Inspired by the KD12 Zoom unit and the Nike Zoom Ultra, the new Mercurial Vapor borrows its features to accommodate the natural motions of soccer players.

Grid mesh with premium lining

The Mercurial Vapor is a high-tech soccer shoe from Nike. Its unique upper combines grippy grid mesh with premium lining for improved ball control. It also features a Nike Aerotrak plate for responsiveness. The Mercurial Vapor is inspired by iconic Mercurials from the past 23 years and will be available to Nike Members on January 25.

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This football boot is available in three colorways: gray, black, and white. The Vapor’s collarless design is popular for those who want maximum flexibility and speed. Despite the lack of collars, the Vapor is still extremely lightweight and highly responsive.

The Mercurial Vapor III is the third generation in the Mercurial Vapor family. The sole comprises Teijin microfibres, which conform to the foot’s shape. The shoe weighs 196 grams (6.9 oz) and has a carbon last. The Vapor III’s heel cup has more padding than the previous model.

The Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII was first released on March 19, 2012. It was initially available in the Bright Mango/Dark Metallic Grey colorway. Christian Bosmediano was the first player to wear it. Its lightweight design made it a popular choice for soccer players. It also used a new stud design to improve traction. It also had a fiberglass soleplate.

The upper of the Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Elite is made of glossy material. This provides a smooth feel to the ball. The upper material has an internal heel counter for support and a padded heel for added comfort. The sole is not as flexible as the Mercurial DNA but is structured enough to provide a good grip on the foot.

Next-generation Nike Mercurial Zoom Vapor 15

The Next-generation Nike Mercurial Zoom Vapor 15 is the latest edition of the popular Mercurial football shoe. They are lightweight and provide excellent traction and control. These shoes also come in various other models that are perfect for different types of turf.

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The first generation of Mercurial boots inspires this soccer shoe. It features a textured upper and responsive Zoom Air cushioning in the heel. In addition, the upper is made with an ultra-thin NIKESKIN overlay and has a conical stud pattern that allows for supercharged traction. This feature makes the shoes quick to pivot and release.

The Vapor 15 will release in the Summer of 2022. The Vapor 15 will come in Coconut White LE and Bonded pack for the Women’s Euros. Both of these models will be lightweight. This makes them perfect for players with tiny feet. They also come in several other colorways.

During the 2006-07 season, the Mercurial Vapor was released in different colorways. Its first colorway was called the “New Lights” colorway. It was a light blue with white accents. A second colorway was the Future Lab, which is a crimson shade. It also came in Daybreak, a vibrant color that many players, including Ronaldo, wore.

Another new feature of the Next-generation Nike Mercurial Zoom VaPor 15 is its Zoom Air unit. This unit is the first soccer-specific Zoom Air unit and sits inside the boot plate to bring the foot closer to the ground. This unit also features flex groves, which increase the flexibility and natural movement of the foot. This allows for fast turns and responsiveness.

The next-generation Nike Mercurial Vapor 15 aims to be a more agile version of the Mercurial Vapor 14. Its tristar studs give it a more athletic feel. While the Vapor 14 was a tight and narrow fit, the Vapor 15 is a more versatile boot.

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