Nike Mercurial Vapor CR7 Football Boots

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The Nike Mercurial Vapor CR7 is a modern performance soccer boot that offers a barefoot-like feel and lockdown at high speeds. Its innovative design features a micro-textured Flyknit upper and a highly responsive carbon-fiber plate.

‘Cut To Brilliance

The ‘Cut to Brilliance Nike Mercurial Vapor CR7 is the latest addition to Cristiano Ronaldo’s footwear line. This new model is made especially for players who love to play at high speed, with explosive power and unpredictability. It features an improved fit and increased comfort to help you maximize your performance on the pitch.

The Nike Mercurial Vapor CR7 FG is a new addition to the Mercurial Superfly V collection and will be worn by Cristiano Ronaldo from October 2017. The Mercurial Vapor CR7 features a Flyknit upper for added lightness and a Dynamic Fit collar for superior stability when changing direction. The ‘Cut To Brilliance’ football cleat is equipped with ACC technology and Nike’s Skin system for ultimate comfort.

The ‘Cut to Brilliance’ CR7 is a stunning football boot with exceptional design work. A white base gives the shoe a clean look, while diamond-inspired graphics on the side feature a multi-color knit detailing.

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‘Max Orange’

Cristiano Ronaldo wore a ‘Max Orange’ pair of Mercurial Vapor during the 2008-09 Champions League season. He had worn a black pair when he was unveiled as a Real Madrid player. However, the Portuguese superstar soon switched to a new colorway, Orion Blue.

Initially released in the ‘Max Orange colorway, the Vapor was available in several other colorways, including a metallic gold finish. The shoe’s unique stud configuration gives it a distinct style and boosts grip when you turn at high speeds.

The new colorway makes the Mercurial Vapor a unique match-winning shoe. This shoe version features a Teijin microfibre upper that molds to your foot’s shape for a more customized feel. It weighs 196 grams (6.9 oz) and features a carbon last to reduce weight and provide the best fit possible. This version also features a higher sock liner and more padding in the heel cup. The MVIII is currently available in white/gold, gold/silver, and white/Azzurri blue colorways.

The ‘Max Orange’ Mercurial Vapor XI soccer cleat is made with advanced technology to allow the player to move quickly and explosively. It is also made lighter than ever and works with the foot for natural movement.

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The new ‘Max Orange’ Mercurial Vapor football boots feature a striking design inspired by Ronaldo’s celebrated goal against Sporting Lisbon. The shoes also feature a unique signature from the Portuguese superstar. Cristiano wore this style when he first played for Sporting Lisbon. During this famous friendly against Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson was convinced of Ronaldo’s talent.


The Mercurial Vapor is one of the most iconic football shoes. The rainbow jersey of cyclists influenced its iconic color. The CR7 branding appeared on the upper part of the shoe. In addition, the shoe features an all-over digital print of the Seven Star Path. The shoe also features Cristiano Ronaldo’s shirt number.

The CR7 Discovery comes in two-tone colors. Its upper has a green and a bright Volt colorway. It also has a date – 06/08/03 – and silver dots. It will be available at The Soccer Shop on November 11th. The shoes will be available in different colorways and are made by Nike.

The CR7 features a new stud design for traction. Its weight is approximately eight ounces (230 grams). The CR7 is the sixth model in the Vapor series. Its release dates vary, depending on whether it is a new or classic version.

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The CR7 is inspired by Ronaldo’s record-breaking PS80m Real Madrid transfer in 2009. The CR7 was first worn in the Champions League games against Tottenham Hotspur and Borussia Dortmund in September 2017. The shoe was named ‘Melhor’ in Portugal. In addition, the CR7 ‘Melhor’ was released in October 2017 as a new model, but with subtle changes to the upper.

‘Rare Gold’

Nike’s Mercurial Superfly CR7 Rare Gold is a limited-edition football boot that sold out instantly. Released in honor of Cristiano Ronaldo’s third Balon d’Or, these boots are limited to only 333 pairs. The boot features a metallic gold finish and lacks the micro-diamonds found on other models. The soleplate also features an engraving of a unique number between one and 333.

This mercurial vapor cr7 is the perfect shoe for the soccer player ready to take on the world. The upper is designed to wrap the foot and provide support. The upper material is also more flexible than Teijin synthetics. The Nike Mercurial CR7 Rare Gold is a shoe worthy of a legend.

The Rare Gold Mercurial CR7 is Nike’s tribute to Ronaldo and features micro-diamonds on the CR7 logo. It’s a first for Nike to add these details to one of their boots, but they weren’t in the original 333-edition boots.

The Rare Gold Mercurial vapor CR7 is one of Cristiano Ronaldo’s most exclusive boots. The Ballon d’Or award winner will wear these special CR7 boots this weekend. He has always preferred Nike Mercurial cleats.

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Nike Mercurial Vapor CR7 Football Boots
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