Predator 20+ Mutator ‘Shadow Beast’

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Predator 20+ Mutator ‘Shadow Beast’ colorway. The silhouette is futuristic and impressive. It takes inspiration from the electric blue Predator Mania, released ahead of the 2002 World Cup in Japan and Korea. It was produced in limited quantities and features a futuristic look that was applied to the silhouette of today.

Predator X19

The Predator X19 Shadowbeast is an excellent mid-cut silhouette with a low collar. The style brings back real Predator power and aggression. The X19 features a fingerprint-like pattern on the three stripes. This same pattern is also used on the upper Fusion skin of the launch of Copa 20+’s Encryption Pack.

This football boot is made of a mid-cut and features raised elements on the forefoot. This design gives maximum grip on synthetic surfaces and reduces discomfort in the foot’s sole. The Predator X19 Shadowbeast is an excellent option for players who want a high-performance football boot.

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Adidas is kicking off 2019 with a new line-up called the Shadow Beast pack. This pack includes the Copa 20 and the Predator 20. The colors on the original Predator were red, white, and black, and the ‘Shadow Beast’ version has the same color scheme, albeit with a different silhouette.

In addition to the traditional mid-cut design, the Shadowbeast is designed to bend the ball while playing. It has raised elements that help the foot turn the ball during play. This is an aggressive style and one that is both legal and fair. The Predator 20 offers an outstanding balance of modern technology and classic rubber elements.

Nemeziz 20

The Adidas Nemeziz 20 is the latest addition to the Adidas predator line. The boot combines a classic, all-black design with vivid details. It also features a low collar to evoke the power and aggression of the natural Predator. The sneaker is also available in a new colorway: “Uniforia” (blue, green, and shock pink). Both models are available now at the Adidas web store. The washable face mask is available with the Nemeziz.

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This new colorway follows the release of the ‘Dark Script’ pack, which launched six months ago. This colorway aimed to emphasize the silhouette of the Predator while maintaining the iconic spikes. Despite the new colorway, the ‘Shadow Beast’ will likely retain its original appeal.


Adidas has finally released the all-black Mutator X19 ‘Shadow Beast’ edition. This all-black variation is designed to fill the colorless gap left by the launch design. But does it hold the same appeal as the previous model? We take a closer look at the X19’s design.

The first model was the Predator Mania FG, discontinued in late 2003. It was later re-released in a champagne colorway and sold for monstrous prices on eBay. It was the first model to include the Power Pulse System and was designed to control the ball and dictate play in midfield. It was famous for various players, including Mesut Ozil, Paul Pogba, and Dele Alli.

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The Predator X was released in two new colorways in 2010-11. The first pair is in electricity/black/poppy, while the second colorway is black/Running-White/electricity. The Adidas Predator X is also available in personalized colorways. These are available with the names of famous players, such as David Beckham.


The Shadow Beast is a predator and mutator. It is also known as the Zhe Shuang Xin, Zhan Xue, and Bing Qi Ta Kan. It is a creature that resembles a wolf or a tiger. It is one of the most powerful creatures in the X-Men universe and can cause significant damage to its enemies.

The Shadow Beast is a female reactionary figure who derives its agency from its agency against normative ideologies. Though Adidas didn’t seem to be inspired by the shadow beast, they did make a Predator boot. This pair is available in three different color schemes. The laceless colorway is available in two sexy variations: 20+ and low.

The Shadow Beast pack was released early in the year but was a disappointment because the group lacked the iconic Predator. However, the Shadow Beast pack did contain a new colorway and was deemed premature by some. Regardless, the Shadow Beast pack still features the same aggressiveness and potential for a big game.

The Predator Mutator 20.3 FG Shadowbeast is an excellent football boot with mid-cut and raised elements. The mid-cut design gives a firm and stable grip on synthetic surfaces, while the split outsole reduces foot pain. This football boot is also designed to provide maximum performance in a low-cost package.

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Predator 20+ Mutator ‘Shadow Beast’
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