Predator 201 Demonskin Collar

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The Predator 201 is one of the latest models to feature Demonskin technology. This innovative collar is made from one piece of material and has a slip-on design. It is popular with grassroots players. This collar comes in two styles: a standard and a low collar. Each features a different level of protection.

Demon Skin technology

Last Wednesday, Adidas hosted an exclusive trial session for creators and media to showcase the new Predator 20 Mutator. This new model features Demonskin technology, a new gripping system that increases control. It will be available at select Adidas retailers starting January 28.

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This technology has two main goals: it helps promote grip, and it helps improve ball control. It also enhances the ball feel by providing striking textured areas. It is a combination of several innovations from Adidas and features lightweight construction. The Demonskin technology is found primarily in the strike zone, where more than 200 rubber spikes are strategically arranged to align with key contact points.

This new technology is the result of years of computer-based research by Adidas. It enhances grip by adding textured spikes on the upper to increase the contact area with the ball. In addition, it’s super cool and looks great. The new uppers will allow for better ball control and spin.

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This technology is also available on goalkeeper gloves. It enhances shot control and is designed to be more natural than other gloves. These gloves are designed to give the goalkeeper a more natural, responsive touch. The Predator Mutator 20 has been worn by top soccer players Paul Pogba, Becky Sauerbrunn, Marc-Andre ter Stegen, and Tessa Wullaert.

Low collar

The Predator Mutator 20 is a high-performance, low-cut running shoe with a striking silhouette. The low-cut front and high collar combine with a new outsole with enhanced control zones. This high-performance running shoe is also equipped with high-performance polyamide injected layers for enhanced durability and flexibility.

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The Predator 20.1’s low cut is similar to the Predator 20+, but the tongue is slightly shorter. The material in the mid-cut sock is flexible but still thin, which helps you make close contact with the ball. The midsole is stiff but flexible, and the tongue material is slightly padded.

The upper of the Predator Mutator 20.1 is made from knitted textile, which also features the brand’s Demonskin technology. These spikes are arranged in the strike zone to promote grip and promote spin when striking. This technology also reduces the risk of slipping when hitting a ball.

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Predator 201 Demonskin Collar
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