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If you’re a football fan, you may consider purchasing a pair of Puma football boots. They’re an excellent option for players who play fast-paced, high-speed games. These boots are crafted to improve speed and agility. They also offer a premium feel and quality construction.


Pele tied his football boots before the 1970 World Cup quarter-final against Peru. The incident sparked fierce competition between sportswear firms Adidas and Puma. Both companies decided to stop using Pele as their ambassador. This act resulted in a public relations disaster for both brands.

As a result, Pele signed a deal with Puma to wear their signature football boots. The Brazilian legend was paid $120,000 to wear the shoes and draw attention to the company. When he was on the pitch, Pele famously asked the referee to stop the game so he could tie his laces. After all, he knew cameras would be focused on him, so he wanted to look his best.

The agreement between Puma and Pele was very controversial. At first, they were reluctant to endorse each other. However, the two companies decided to work together after the World Cup. Pele was the world’s most famous footballer, which was good for business. Henningsen’s efforts paid off. The two companies eventually agreed to a four-year sponsorship deal with Pele.


The Maradona football boots by Puma are made from premium leather and feature the player’s name and portrait on the upper. On the heel, there is an embossed number 10. In addition, there is a map of the Argentinian’s run to score the goal of the century, accompanied by the player’s signature.

The boot is inspired by the iconic boots worn by Diego Maradona, which led Argentina to the glory of the Mexico ’86 World Cup. Made of soft leather, the Maradona Super boot offers exceptional comfort. The boot features a low-profile sole and natural flex on the outsole, just like the legendary soccer player’s boot while playing.

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The new King Diego Collection celebrates Diego Maradona’s 50th birthday and his relationship with PUMA. The football boot features a high-quality kangaroo leather upper designed for comfort and a quality feel on the ball. It also features a carbon latex bladder, which helps reinforce stability and aerodynamics.


The Puma Cruyff football boots were made famous by Dutch star Johan Cruyff. The legendary footballer’s first boots were patterned in white and black, a design that would become instantly recognizable. It is not hard to imagine Cruyff wearing them when collecting his first Ballon d’Or in 1971.

The Dutchman was a huge PUMA fan. He won the European Footballer of the Year and Player of the Tournament award. Helmut Fischer, a PUMA designer, has worked with many great sportsmen and women. Fischer reveals some of his memories from the PUMA archives.

Puma Cruyff football boots are not the only football boots made by Puma. They have a long history and have been worn by many legendary players. Paul Pogba, David Alaba, and Lionel Messi all use them.

Maradona’s boots

Maradona’s Puma football boots have been a staple of his football wardrobe for years. They are made with high-quality leather and emblazoned on the heel of the PUMA logo. They also have Maradona’s signature and portrait embroidered on the tongue. He also wore his PUMA football boots while playing for Argentinos Juniors.

During the 1986 World Cup, Diego Maradona gave one of the best performances in football history and led his nation to victory. His PUMA Maradona Super cleats played a vital role in that historic win. PUMA has reissued these iconic football boots, which are handmade in Italy. These are not just replicas; they are genuine reproductions, complete with the original tongue, pattern, and stitching.

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PUMA has also released a special tribute to Maradona, which pays homage to the excellent football legend. Maradona was known as El Pibe de Oro, which means “the Golden Boy” in Spanish. He was regarded as one of the best players and played in a historic World Cup against England. He scored two goals in the match and is considered one of the greatest players. In honor of this, the company has created a special limited-edition tribute to the Argentinean’s Puma football boots.

Cruyff’s boots

The iconic Cruyff’s Puma football boots were designed by Pete Radice, who Don Morris inspired. Radice used a new material called “phylonite,” a combination of carbon fiber and polyurethane. This allowed the boots to be lighter than a traditional ball and kept the player comfortable throughout the game. The Nano Grip technology on the sock liner also helps with comfort.

Johan Cruyff himself founded this brand in 1979. His signature ‘C-Flash’ is an iconic feature of the upper part of the boot. In addition to being elegantly designed, Cruyff’s football boots have superior lateral stability and support. They’re also made from high-grade Kangaroo leather for an unmatched ball feel.

King Top

The King Top is the classic Puma football boot that has been updated for today’s players. The sleek, K-leather upper and the branded fold-over tongue give these boots a refined, modern appearance. And because they are made of leather and are certified by the Leather Working Group, they are made with environmentally friendly practices.

These football boots are available in youth and adult sizes, making them ideal for any player. They are also made from a variety of materials that make them durable. These football boots will carry you from start to finish and withstand all kinds of playing surfaces and weather conditions. The PUMA King football boots come in the Pro and Club styles.

The King Top Dassler is a limited edition release that honors the legacy of the brand’s founder. Originally a laundry boy, Dassler developed a sense of entrepreneurialism early. The PUMA King Top Dassler is a homage to this entrepreneurial spirit. The white base is the iconic silhouette that embodies the King Top Dassler.

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The Ultra football boots by Puma are a great way to speed up your game. These lightweight boots provide the ultimate speed and agility while featuring an innovative design that focuses on comfort. The Ultra is made specifically for women’s feet and features GripControl Pro skin for better traction on the ball. The ultralight Ultra 1.4 MxAG is the lightest football boot on the market, yet it still provides the optimum support for forwarding motion.

The Ultra comes in various colors, including black, orange, and yellow. The Ultra 1.3 Origin features a special edition colorway inspired by superhero origins. The design is a unique mix of black animal print with lime green shadows. Puma also offers a child’s version of the Ultra.


Unlike most football boots, the Puma Future doesn’t have a typical silo. It’s neither a power nor a control boot, so it was created to address an underappreciated need: perfect-fitting football boots. For the most part, the Puma Future has been successful, and since its introduction, it’s been a major contender against Adidas and Nike.

The FUTURE features Puma’s revolutionary NETFIT technology, which was previously reserved for running and training shoes. With this technology, you can adjust the laces infinitely, ensuring a perfect fit. With this technology, you can easily customize your Puma cleats to fit your foot perfectly and perform at your best.

Ultra 1.3

The Puma Ultra 1.3 is a lightweight, streamlined football boot. Its woven upper is infused with Kevlar yarns for added traction, and an internal support structure known as the Speed Cage ensures optimal ball control. The boot also includes a knit tongue and a low-cut collar and has a thin lacing system for a comfortable fit.

The PUMA Ultra 1.3 has an ideal fit that’s true to size. It’s comfortable to wear and has good stability. Cleated football boots can be uncomfortable, but the PUMA Ultra 1.3 feels ready for action after about 45 minutes of testing.

Future Z 3.3

The Future Z 3.3 football boots are built for fierce football. They use FUZIONFIT+ technology to adapt to your foot’s shape, ensuring a perfect fit and the right balance of support and flexibility. They also feature Advanced Creator Zones for exceptional ball control and a reactive lightweight outsole for superior traction and grip. The futuristic design of these Puma football boots is accentuated with bold PUMA branding.

The FUZIONFIT compression in the Future Z helps you get a perfect fit with no lace-up hassle. This technology extends through the midfoot to adapt to your foot’s shape and movement, ensuring the shoe stays secure and comfortable. You can also opt to use laces for extra security and a super-tight fit.

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Puma Football Boots
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