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If you have wide feet, choose wide shoes. They are also available in narrow sizes. You can buy football shoes with small studs that would work for both. It really depends on your feet and your price range.

How to buy latest football shoe based on your playing position;


Buy high-top football shoes if you are a lineman, because the high-tops will provide extra support for your ankles. Your constant lateral movements on the field may cause ankle injuries if you wear football shoes with a lower cut.

Buy mid-cut football shoes if you are a skill player such as a quarterback, wide receiver, defensive back or running back, because mid-cuts will allow you to maneuver easier on the field .

Buy low-cut football shoes can also be worn by skill players, but provide less ankle support than mid-cut shoes. Low-cuts are generally lighter in weight, but provide a higher level of maneuvering flexibility to support quicker movements.

Football shoes, or boots, or studs, are available in many varieties and can be chosen according to the position you play and the type of field you play on. Other factors to take into consideration when buying football shoes are comfort, durability and the gripping quality of the cleats. Continue reading to learn more about how to buy football shoes for any position and field type.


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